Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Like Mother Like Daughter

The fact that Shameless is well known for their immoral plot antics still doesn’t make up for this storyline. I know I feel like I’m writing post after post about how ridiculous this show can be, but this episode easily topped all of them. Easily.
I mean I love Kevin and V, and think they are the most rational and sane characters on the whole show. But, c’mon. I love that they are trying everything possible to have a child of their own, and fine I’ll accept using your own mother as a surrogate. But after trying to impregnate her using a turkey baster last episode, you make your boyfriend and your mother make babies the old fashioned way. C’mon.
 And when your boyfriend’s little soldier is having trouble standing at attention, and you join in to keep him aroused – let me put it more clearly, when you have a threesome with your boyfriend and your own mother – that’s just shock value. 
Honestly, I lost a little respect for Shameless tonight. 

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