Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Fear in Foster Care?

Something doesn’t feel right about the Gallagher family breaking up and heading to foster care. I know that they’ve all been in homes before, but would they all really be this nonchalant? I didn’t really believe that Debby wouldn’t be more shocked, and certainly scared, to find out she would be placed alone.  Or that the devious Carl wouldn’t be a little rattled when he is paired with baby Liam and is charged with taking care of the little one.
I suppose they also know that Fiona has their backs, and it will only be a matter of a few days apart. But, still. Sure, we have to suspend a lot of our own reality while watching Shameless – like watching half the neighborhood trying to dig a dead body out of the backyard last episode – but I’m having trouble believing this.
OK… I did like the scene where Fiona came home to an empty house. Her attempt at crying was a bit on the average side, but this is what makes me keep watching Shameless. With all the craziness, there is a lot of good drama.  

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