Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comedy To The Rescue

Although the storyline was out of hand in this episode, there were simply hilarious one-liners that left me laughing, well after the scene ended. V’s mother had a few good ones, especially when she gets all liquored up to muster the courage to have sex with Kevin (see post below for more details). The awkwardness of that scene really needed comedy to break the ice and that’s exactly what happened. The comedic relief was not only necessary but the chemistry between Kevin, who really does not want to have sex with his girlfriend’s mother, and V’s mother, who was knocked up on the sauce, got really funny. 
Before V’s mother enters the room, Kevin asks V: “How is [your mother] still ovulating? What is she part bovine?” Which was a good start. But then, when Kevin tries to seal the deal, V’s mom says, “Not there,” to which Kevin apologizes, and then she says, “You got a shoe horn or something?” I mean who writes this… Kevin just keeps saying "Can you stop talking? Just stop talking."

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  1. Yes court scene was intense! Fiona always has that thick skinned thing going on and it was nice to see her get emotional.

    Do we know why Frank called child services or is he just a drunk mess of a life? Thought I missed something.